House Name Signs - Door Numbers

Our plain house name signs range is for customers who require a house name, or door number without any painted designs, or coloured motifs. You can choose from a wide selection of shapes and sizes, to create a fitting house plaque to compliment the front of your home, which will keep in excellent condition as it is produced in a weatherproof resin.

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17" x 6" Rectangle
Shown with 2 lines of 2" Gold Letters

plain house plaque
12" x 6" Rectangle (with Gold Rim)
3 lines of 1" Gold Letters

Gate strip name plaque 17 x 3
17" x 3" Rectangle (Gate Strip)
Shown with 2" gold letters

9 x 8 Arch letter sign
9" x 8" Arch (Gold Rim)
2" Number
1" Letters

Plain name plaque
24" x 6" Rectangle
Top Line 2" letters - Bottom Line 1" letters

small rectangle sign
9" x 4" Rectangle
1" letters
2" Numbers

Long Gate strip house sign

24" x 3" Rectangle
Shown with 1" letters

Arch name plaque

14" x 8" Arch (Gold Rim)
3" Numbers
1" Letters

The lettering or numbers on the sign can be painted in gold, white, or silver to match in with the colour scheme on the front of your house, and we will use the best fitting size of letter for the the house plaque that you choose.

Door Number Signs

We have a selection of different shapes & sizes of plaques to fit the area that you have available to display your door number.

6 x 4 plain oval number
6" x 4" Oval
2" Gold Numbers
Round door number
4" Round (Gold Rim)
2" Gold Numbers
Arch number sign
4" x 3" Arch (Gold Rim)
2" Gold Numbers

Oval 8 x 5 door plaque
8" x 5" Oval
3" Gold Numbers
6 x 5 gold rim arch sign
6" x 5" Arch (Gold Rim)
3" Gold Numbers

Plain Oval House signs

All of our ovals can be produced with numbers or letters only, the prices will be shown in the ordering area when your preferred size is selected.

Oval 12 x 8 plain house sign
1" Letters
2" Numbers
14 x 11 House name plaque
1" Letters
Gold Embelm
12 x 8 white letters house sign
2" White Letters

The full range of house plaques and door sign prices are shown on our Sizes & Price Lists page.

Please contact us if you are unsure of the best size or shape that will suit your personalised house name or number, and we will be able to advise you on the different options that may be available for your specific requirements, and provide you with a personalised quote for the choice of house signs suitable to display your details.

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