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Animal House Signs with Squirrels

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Those cute, fluffy creatures that dart about the trees collecting their food for winter. Squirrels are familiar to most people as there are about 200 species all over the world! Tree squirrels are the type that is most commonly recognised, usually seen in woodlands and city parks. They do come down to ground level though, in search of acorns, berries, nuts and flowers. Fun fact for you: they also eat bark, eggs or baby birds too!

If it's not a tree squirrel, there are also ground squirrels who like to live in burrows and tunnel systems. They eat nuts, roots, seeds and other plants, also catching and eating small animals such as caterpillars and insects.

And we can't forget about flying squirrels! These guys can glide through the air with their flaps of skin which connect their limbs, making a wing-like surface!

Here's a couple of fun facts for you, because who doesn't love those? Squirrels have four front teeth which never stop growing throughout their whole lives, and this is so that their teeth don't wear down from gnawing on all the nuts and other foods. Another one (which is our absolute favourite) is that squirrels are the most important animals for helping spread oak trees. They store their acorns in the ground but only recover about 70% of them, meaning that all those forgotten acorns grow into trees - amazing!

If you like any of our squirrel house signs but would like a different colour such as the red or the grey species, please specify what colour squirrel you would like painted in the special requirements box when ordering.

From start to finish, your sign will be in skilled hands.

We pride ourselves on the care and commitment taken for every sign we produce. Attention to detail is paid during each stage of the process; from laying out the sign details to hand-painting the design, right through to shipping. Our goal is to produce a beautiful sign that we can all be proud of.

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