Ceramic House Signs? Here's Why We Only Sell Resin

On first look, you may think our signs look ceramic but think again! Our secret resin formula allows us to cast house signs that are strong, protected from all elements, and most importantly have that distinctive premium look and feel. They have a similar weight to a ceramic sign with a lot more advantages, we have fully tested our product and dropped our signs from incredible heights only to find them undamaged. The surface creates an excellent platform to allow our artists to hand-paint our signs with ease. Looking at our signs and plaques up close really lets you appreciate how beautiful they are.

Benefits of using our resin over ceramic

  • Stronger material
  • Premium look and feel
  • Cheaper for our customers
  • A better matt finish that allows the artwork to really 'pop'
Take a look our house signs

What is it about ceramic house signs that always makes them an attractive option in homes? That’s right. They’re durable and unique - our resin signs tick that box too.


And now you can order yours right here from Village Green Signs.


As you know weather plays a huge part in the lifespan of house signs. If they’re not made with hardwearing materials they can easily deteriorate.

That’s why you need to get a resin house sign instead of ceramic. Because it’s strong you may never have to buy one again. And of course you’ll love the designs we offer.

Why Pick Resin over Ceramic?

Let’s explore a few benefits resin house signs offer you.

High Wear and Tear Resistant to:
  • Heat
  • Chemicals

When your house sign hangs outside it can be exposed to many elements without its quality deteriorating. Years from now it’ll look at great as the first day you received it.

Extremely Hard

You wouldn’t want an accidental drop to crack your house sign. This is another reason why you need resin over ceramic. It’s hard enough to resist most types of pressure. A ceramic house sign can crack and when dropped could completely smash.


Where do you want to hang your house sign? Can the nail or rod hold a heavy item? If you don’t want to risk placing a heavy sign there, then opt for resin.

Even though its hard, it’s still lightweight. It can hang in the same spot forever and it won't wear away the nail, rod or any hanging system you have.

So are you ready to pick yours from our range?

Why Shop at Village Green Signs?

We believe that our designs can’t be matched by any other provider. What makes us state this?

Original Designs

We don’t mass produce house signs. Every design is slightly different from the next one.

Our signs are handcrafted for your specific needs. Give us any design you want painted on the plaque. Our painters are more than happy to cater to your requests.

There are also preset collections that you can pick from. Some include:

And most of them are created on beautiful backdrops that will enhance your overall décor effect.

Quality Materials.

Our plaques are made with the toughest materials. The house signs will always look as great as the first day you receive it.

Our signs are completely waterproof. The resin we add and the seal over the paint ensure your ceramic house sign never degrades.

It’s Within Your Reach

Browse our collections, pick the design you love and order online along with your requirements.

We want your purchasing experience to be convenient. That why we’re happy to deliver your house sign to your door.

Let’s help you transform your home’s look. A ceramic house sign may be what you need. Which one of these signs will hang on your wall in a few weeks?

Village Green Signs

Since 1989 we have been producing bespoke hand painted house signs from our workshop in Hertfordshire. Each of our house plaques is cast as one piece in polyurethane resin and individually hand painted by our talented artists.