Cat House Signs

Sometimes we love our furry friends so much, we’d just have to have them on our house sign too! If you're looking for a personalised touch with your cat house sign why not send in a photo, we can paint their exact colourings! Take a look at our cat designs below and pick a sign to suit your home.

Why Are Our House Signs Tough To Beat?

Unique service

We don’t want to make just any cat house sign for you. We want your home to be the one with the “never seen before” features. And that’s possible with our customised options.

And remember it’s about aesthetics and practicality. One thing is for sure: Visitors will find your home easily because of the striking cat design.

Market experience

We have been painting house signs for years. We commend our talented artists for helping us give you the plaques you want. Do you need a Bobtail cat on your plaque? Our artists can do that for you.

Quality products

The first stage consists of the production of the plaque in its individual mould. This is the shape you've ordered. It's primarily made of resin. This gives you the appearance of the traditional house sign.

After a quality check the simple plaque moves to the next step.

When the plaque's edges are trimmed for a smooth finish it’s ready for the artwork. The plaques are sprayed in a satin black so the acrylic paint colours vibrantly stand out.

Our skilled artists paint the plaque according to your special requests. Do you love ginger cats or grey ones? A kitten or a mature Siamese? Can’t find one you like in our catalogue? Then simply reference an image of a cat you want. Perhaps you want your loved Persian cat to be featured?

When our artists complete the job they finish the paintwork with a professional seal. With this you can leave your sign outside and it'll resist the effects of the weather

No signs of wear and tear mean that your plaque stays as striking as the first day you received it.

User friendly ordering

Our website is completely user-friendly. The simple approach allows you to order your plaque within a couple of minutes.

The only hard part is picking the cat design you love. But once you’ve settled on the image the process is simple. You only need to pick:

  • The plaque shape
  • The plaque size
  • The lettering position
  • The lettering colour. You can pick between:
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • White

All the colours contrast well against the black background. Visitors can see your house number and name from far away.

That is the best plaque to have because no one will get lost or confused trying to find your home.

We know there is a cat house sign that grabbed your attention the moment you saw it. Do you know what that means? It means that you have found the one that is destined to be in your home. We’ll deliver it for free anywhere in the UK as soon as it’s finished. Now simply place your order.

Village Green Signs

Since 1989 we have been producing bespoke hand painted house signs from our workshop in Hertfordshire. Each of our house plaques is cast as one piece in polyurethane resin and individually hand painted by our talented artists.

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