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Bird House Signs with Bluetits

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Bluetits have a beautiful colour combination of blue, yellow, white and green, making them one of the most attractive and recognisable visitors in our gardens. They live in parks, gardens, woodlands and hedgerows. They also live all across the whole of the UK with just a few exceptions in Scotland. They also like to set up their home in bird boxes. They also like to choose bird boxes to live in that have small holes, about 25mm in diameter so that larger birds don't try to get inside.

They are sociable birds that don't usually move far from where they first hatched. You may also see them feeding alongside other bird species too! The male and female birds look the same. However, the females are a little less vibrant in colour.

Their diet includes a range of insects, caterpillars, seeds and nuts. In the spring, they also like to feed on pollen and nectar. When it comes to feeding their young, however, they seek out moth caterpillars and are prepared to travel a long distance to find them. They also particularly love peanut feeders! One of these feeders would be an excellent addition to your garden if you'd like for these birds to visit you.

Here at Village Green Signs, we have a couple of bluetit bird designs to choose from. They feature the beautiful and bright colours of the birds, lots of leaf and floral detail and even some baby chicks too!

From start to finish, your sign will be in skilled hands.

We pride ourselves on the care and commitment taken for every sign we produce. Attention to detail is paid during each stage of the process; from laying out the sign details to hand-painting the design, right through to shipping. Our goal is to produce a beautiful sign that we can all be proud of.

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