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Bird House Signs with Kingfishers

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Kingfishers can be easily spotted in the wild by their bright and beautiful colourings, with their blue and orange feathers. There are over 100 species of Kingfisher all over the world. The most common type is the Alcedo atthis, which is also the species that breed here in the UK.

You can often spot kingfishers at lakes, canals, and rivers in lowland areas where the water is still or slow-flowing. They also like the water to be clean for them, because fast-moving and polluted streams don't contain enough available fish for them to catch. It's also essential that there are overhanging branches for them to perch on while fishing for their food. Ideally, the branches will be overhanging a clear and shallow pool of water for them to catch their prey easily.

For their food, they predominantly eat fish, chiefly minnows and sticklebacks. But if they need extra to keep up their diet, they may also eat aquatic insects, freshwater shrimps and tadpoles as well.

They are most active in the morning and evening, but if it's not too hot, they may hunt during the afternoon as well.

You'll find kingfisher birds nesting in burrows that they dig from dirt banks, trees or old mounds. They don't build their nest out of sticks or plants like other species of birds do. The tunnels are also usually about an impressive 1 to 2 metres long!

Here at Village Green Signs, we have a few extraordinary kingfisher hand-painted designs to choose from.

From start to finish, your sign will be in skilled hands.

We pride ourselves on the care and commitment taken for every sign we produce. Attention to detail is paid during each stage of the process; from laying out the sign details to hand-painting the design, right through to shipping. Our goal is to produce a beautiful sign that we can all be proud of.

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