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Bird House Signs with Pheasants

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Pheasants are large and long-tailed birds that are closely related to wild chickens and partridges. There are about 35 species of the pheasant they originate all the way from Asia! It's suggested that the Romans were the ones to bring them here into the UK.

They have beautiful bright colours which means that you can easily spot them in the wild. Their colourings feature gold, copper-red with some green and purple thrown into the mix. They also have a prominent white neck ring.

You'll often find these birds in forests, swamps, scrublands, grasslands and areas near farms. They have strong legs, sharp claws, and not to mention their excellent eyesight and sense of hearing which is perfect for detecting predators. If they do come across a predator, they can run at a speed of 8 to 10 miles per hour and fly at the speed of 25 and 45 miles per hour to get them away! They are also able to swim, which could be another great getaway. Their main predators are commonly owls, foxes and hawks.

Pheasants are omnivores which means that their diet includes both animals and plants. This diet consists of mainly small reptiles, insects, worms, seeds, fruit and berries!

Here at Village Green Signs, our hand-painted pheasant designs are intricately detailed to feature all the beautiful colours and parts of the pheasant that we all commonly know. With a few different designs to choose from, there is bound to be the perfect pheasant house sign for you!

From start to finish, your sign will be in skilled hands.

We pride ourselves on the care and commitment taken for every sign we produce. Attention to detail is paid during each stage of the process; from laying out the sign details to hand-painting the design, right through to shipping. Our goal is to produce a beautiful sign that we can all be proud of.

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