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Bird House Signs with Owls

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Owls are one of the most fascinating birds of prey across the world, and they can often be quite surprising.

They are nocturnal creatures meaning they are mainly active at night. However, not all owls are nocturnal. It all depends on the seasonal amount of daylight, food supplies and habitat. When times are stressful, owls can hunt at any time to make sure that they get enough food for their diet.

There are more than 150 species of owls all over the world with an enormous diversity in Asia. They can be found in all sorts of different habitats as well, but commonly spotted in forest habitats.

Owls are carnivorous birds that will eat rodents, smaller mammals, nocturnal insects, fish and other birds. After digesting their food, they have to regurgitate the bones, fur, teeth and feathers as they can't digest those parts properly.

Barn owls, in particular, can eat up to a thousand mice each year, and that is usually by swallowing them whole! Many farmers will try to attract barn owls onto their land with barn owl boxes as an example, to help control the rodent population in their fields.

These birds have forward-facing eyes that give them binocular vision (just like us!). However, owls' eyes are not spheres but are tubes that provide them with a better depth perception which allows them to see their prey from great distances. Perfect for hunting!

Here at Village Green Signs, we have more than a few hand-painted owl designs for you to choose from for your home.

From start to finish, your sign will be in skilled hands.

We pride ourselves on the care and commitment taken for every sign we produce. Attention to detail is paid during each stage of the process; from laying out the sign details to hand-painting the design, right through to shipping. Our goal is to produce a beautiful sign that we can all be proud of.

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