Flower House Signs

Why not add a hint of flair or style to your new house sign? At Village Green Signs we offer the best quality signs with practically every type of flower as the focal design feature. No one will miss where your home or office is, because their distinct looks catches the eyes of people passing by.

We have a large range of perfectly hand painted flower house signs showcasing every plant you could imagine.

Popular flower designs include: Roses, Primroses, Fruit, Wisteria's & Daffodils

Which Flower House Signs are Your Favourites?

Trust us when we say we have a large variety of flower styled plaques. Because the list is so long we’ll probably show you flowers you never knew existed. Perhaps you find a new favourite that you’ll love as wall décor!


The vibrant colours of white, blue, green, yellow and red make pedestrians stop and stare. The flower is painted on a dark background which makes the colours radiate even more.

The sweet colour of pink will look perfect if you need a softer approach, whether it’s for a nursing home, school or your home. Send a message that you're nurturing and welcome all visitors without saying a word.

Yes, your visitors can be impressed even before they enter your premises.

Frangipani Flower

The strong and vibrant white plant reminds anyone of home and your visitors will feel at home.

The flower will never fade in the sun making it beautiful to look at for a lifetime. Why not match one of these timeless designs with your family name and create a new heirloom?


This specific purple and white flower strongly resembles chimes or bells. This house sign can be used as a symbol of your love for music and entertainment.

Forget Me Nots

A beautiful small blue and yellow flower is something you definitely won't forget. The simplistic design of the flower is a perfect touch to a basic plaque.

Our expert designers and painters replicate the flowers in detail, adding style and lustre to your building.


Send guests a message before they enter your door that you're happy to see them. The Edelweiss flower will do exactly that!


Daisies are so endearing, children are even named after this flower. It brings a feeling of familiarity to visitors. You can extend this welcoming gesture to visitors before they enter your home.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking for?

Perhaps you want something completely different than what you see between the different types of flowers on our portfolio? Supply us with your idea and our team of experts can create it for you.

Complete Personalisation

When you order your house sign online you can alter the look to your tastes. You can pick:

The plaque’s shape: oval, square, arch and more.

The lettering position and colour.

The size.

Our quality signs are sealed to protect it against the elements. Your design will look stunning for years to come. What flower do you want today?

It’s time to upgrade your house sign. Purchase a flower house sign from us online today for the ultimate stylish feature. We can even deliver it to your door anywhere in the UK!

Village Green Signs

Since 1989 we have been producing bespoke hand painted house signs from our workshop in Hertfordshire. Each of our house plaques is cast as one piece in polyurethane resin and individually hand painted by our talented artists.